Monday, June 24, 2013

Surviving "Survivorman" :o)

After publishing the Economic Recovery Plan for Grenada's Hotel Sector, I felt compelled to offer more than a paper with a to-do list for the sector's survival - so I sought to solve the one of three of the #1 problems identified in my report: Marketing.

Grenada's got a GREAT tourism product, but not enough resources to bring that product to 'market'. How many people know how special Grenada is? That our underwater park was listed as one of the wonders of the world, alongside Victoria Falls and so on? Or that National Geographic rated Grenada as one of the top ten places in the world to visit?

Answer: Not enough.

So.....making a long story short, with the blessings of Grenada's Tourism Minister, I approached the Survivorman production crew to come to Grenada....and now they're here! I'm working as a support for them for all the on-the-ground logistics which, I've discovered is what a "Fixer" does. Sweet! Fits me like an old shirt.

In the middle of it all right now - feels like full time madness right now - but of the greatest kind!


Because I firmly believe that the people who like Survivorman, are the kind of people who will appreciate the unspoiled characteristics Grenada has to offer. I also believe that profiling Grenada this way (rather than through traditional marketing) builds a stronger relationship with Grenada's potential market - the kind of relationship that will bring quality visitors to our shores, because we don't want to be a mass tourism destination.

Below is a video of how Les Stroud's adventure began just a couple of days ago. Naturally, his problems were over once he stepped his foot on Grenada's soil **wink**

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grenada Mourns as Chocolate Factory Founder Dies

In a small island culture like Grenada, very few foreigners successfully integrate with the village tapestry and become an integral part of lives joined by centuries of family ties, village history, and stories shared from the cradle to the grave. But Mott did that and more. He became 'one of us'; he inspired us; and there could be no one more deserving of a state funeral than he. I hope he gets one. Though Mott would probably say that would not be something he'd want to partake in (dead or alive).

Mott built more than a chocolate factory. He built a movement that demonstrated that fair trade was more than a logo, that sustainability was more than marketing (solar powered production), and he even showed us all that carbon-free shipping (as was done in the days of yonder) is not only profitable, it's uber-cool.

The video below says it all, posted on Mott's blog this week.
Rest in Peace Mott - because you did it all right - your inspiration will live on!