Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Little Things That Count

Yesterday, someone gave me an Easter card to show appreciation for the varied campaigns I've undertaken for Grenada over the years. When I got this post-it note stuck inside an Easter card yesterday it really made me feel good! Not only did it show appreciation, but it reinforces the strength of what I'm doing on 'behalf' of other people. It energizes me to do more.

The sentiments expressed in the note really got me thinking about how our relationship with money affects our relationships with each other. How often do we pay people salaries to do "work" and because of that, forget to say "Thank You" or show appreciation for what they do? In this instance this person is telling me they feel appreciated and they want me to know I am too - so the best thing I can do with that is pay it forward by encouraging anyone who reads this to show appreciation for someone you know who deserves it - and doesn't get enough of it.

Thank you for giving me this little note - it's like fuel for this lady who lately, is most certainly 'on fire'.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pure Grenada

Although it's been several months since my last post, this update flows seamlessly from the last because my inability to post has been due to being too busy making change to have time to write about it. Here's what happened:

Anyone that follows this blog knows that I've been working on the sustainable energy campaign for the Tourism Sector since the Earth Day Declaration of 2012 when the hotels said they wanted to be Carbon Neutral. That's making progress because funding has been approved to reduce the hotels energy efficiency. It's a small grant of USD $300,000 from the CARICOM Development Fund, but it's one of the few examples where a donor has invested money that will actually generate a measurable, positive developmental result - which is a breath of fresh air!

Then, another grant I had been pursuing got accepted - from Compete Caribbean. This one valued at USD $500,000 that will be used for value chain development - and in this case - it was to support geotourism brand positioning in a public private partnership with the Government of Grenada. So far so good! There are some growing pains (ok a LOT of growing pains) to work out in terms of how this public private partnership is going to work logistically - but we have created the brand, launched it, and begun mainstreaming the sustainable principles that support it.

What's really amazing is to see how far we have come since the GHTA 2012 earth day declaration and how far we are bound to go now that we have such a practical tool (the brand) to get us there. I am so proud to see that the campaign now has so many champions now our next challenge will be how to make space for all these new leaders. LOL! How awesome is that?!

On a more personal note - there are some really amazing people who have been pivotal in helping me achieve what I have worked so hard for:

Hon. Alexandra Otway Noel - because she understands that leadership is about enabling other people to shine, rather than imposing her will upon others.

Russ Jarman Price - for bringing the world globalization and helping us take it back (LOL). You're the bomb Obi-Wan Kenobi!!

Everyone at Les Stroud Productions - because the "Survivorman" team have done so much to support our sustainable agenda I can't even begin to list the ways.

Denyse Ogilvie - Mostly I am amazed at her ability to put her ago aside for the greater good. The world needs more people like her and believe me - we would not be at this cathartic crossroads in development without her.

The GHTA - for being brave enough to take bold steps and for standing by me when the previous government threatened to punish them for working with me.

Russ Fielden of True Blue Bay Resort - For being brave, saying it straight, having limitless generosity and walking the talk.

And to the past government for intimidating me, interfering with my work, frustrating me, refusing to work with me - and ultimately motivating me to care more, work harder and make sure that everyone knows I AM POLITICAL but it has nothing to do with party politics, and everything to do with loving this country and this planet. I'll work with anyone who genuinely wants to make a difference.

A fire has been lit in Grenada and I know we are about to go from the brink of a failure to an example for others to follow.

Watch this space!