Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Little Things That Count

Yesterday, someone gave me an Easter card to show appreciation for the varied campaigns I've undertaken for Grenada over the years. When I got this post-it note stuck inside an Easter card yesterday it really made me feel good! Not only did it show appreciation, but it reinforces the strength of what I'm doing on 'behalf' of other people. It energizes me to do more.

The sentiments expressed in the note really got me thinking about how our relationship with money affects our relationships with each other. How often do we pay people salaries to do "work" and because of that, forget to say "Thank You" or show appreciation for what they do? In this instance this person is telling me they feel appreciated and they want me to know I am too - so the best thing I can do with that is pay it forward by encouraging anyone who reads this to show appreciation for someone you know who deserves it - and doesn't get enough of it.

Thank you for giving me this little note - it's like fuel for this lady who lately, is most certainly 'on fire'.

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