Monday, March 10, 2014

Ghetto's and Prime Minister's

When you're living a life filled with juxtaposition - consider yourself lucky.

I do.

This weekend I had the pleasure of a meeting with the Rt. Hon. Owen Arthur, M.P., Former Prime Minister of Barbados. We had an informal discussion about economics that was both challenging and fun. It is refreshing to meet someone (anyone really) that understands the difference between growth for growth's sake, versus growth that is inclusive of the poor. I was encouraged to see that I had a lot in common with someone who is noted for bringing the unemployment rate of Barbados from 20% to 9% under his leadership. Great minds think alike? ;o)

This is the fourth country leader I have had the opportunity to engage in with some depth and I feel so honoured to be living a life that doesn't just offer me these great personal experiences but is also solely focused on doing good for the world.

An even bigger give-back from the Universe came less than 48 hours later, when a young man who knows of my work asked me to come and speak to a youth group he's forming with some young men from his neighbourhood. He said he and the 'boys' want to meet with me so I can help them learn how to start up an organization, and keep financial records and do things right so they can last as a group and not fight. I asked him if these young men were Ghetto boys (The young man who was requesting my help lives in a ghetto). He said "yeah" with a bit of shame - to which I replied - "All the better! If these young men want to 'big-up themselves' count me in".

In Grenada, 37.7% of the population are absolutely poor (cannot meet food and non-food needs)and 61.5% of them have jobs.

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